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"Nagayu" Skin Therapy



"Nagayu" Skin Therapy is named for a small village in Southern Japan where carbon dioxide naturally occurs in hot springs.  Bathing in these springs has traditionally been used to maintain and even improve skin health in humans and animals..   We can now bring the benefits of this natural treatment system to your dog.



As the tablet dissolves in water, spa like bubbles generated by the release of CARBON DIOXIDE allow the other elements to get to work to 

i) expand capilliary action and increase blood flow 

ii) clear blocked pores

iii) deep clean skin at a follicular level


The spa like bubbles generated by the release of CO2, allow the other elements to get to work to

i) reduce odour (blocked pores are a major cause of "doggy smells")

ii) help with "problem" skin such as yeast and oil build up, scabby and scaly skin (folliculitis and "doggy dandruff") *

iii) remove impurities from the individual hairs which results in a full, strong and healthy coat without residue

We are now using "Nagayu" in the final rinse for all our grooming customers but to offer relief from specific skin conditions, you book a course of "Nagayu" treatments.   Please ask for details.


   * Nagayu is not a "cure" and you should always consult your vet if you are concerned about your dog's skin health, but it will help alleviate the symptoms and make your dog feel more comfortableWhilst benefits can be seen from just one treatment, dogs with major skin issues may require ongoing treatments to gain relief from their symptoms.  We are now able to offer you this product for home use.  Please ask for details.