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Our grooming studio is situated within the garden of our home which we share with our own dogs!  They do not run free when we are grooming but please ensure you close all gates after you.

When you arrive, either to drop off or collect your dog, please ring the door bell marked "Headington Hounds"".  We will hear you but it may take a few moments for us to walk up to the gate.

Please keep your dog on a lead until safely within the grooming studio and if your dog needs a "comfort stop" please "bag it and bin it" in the bins provided.



- Please be on time both for DROP OFF and COLLECTION of your dog.

  If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, please understand that we may    need to ask you to re-book to avoid inconvenience to following customers

  Similarly, as we really don't want you to incur a "sitting fee", please be on time for picking      up your dog. 

- Please ensure your dog has had the opportunity for a "comfort break" before arrival.

- Please bring your dog with a properly fitting collar and lead.

- Please inform us beforehand if you suspect your dog .....

          i) is in-season

          ii) has parasites 

          iii) is coughing

          iv) or is unwell or "off colour"

  as we may need to re-schedule your appointment...........

- We regret that the terms of our insurance prevent us from allowing owners to stay          whilst their dog is being groomed.  We are close to several excellent coffee shops!


 - This is your opportunity to tell us about your dog.

 - You will need to complete (or update) a CUSTOMER DECLARATION FORM (CDF).  This is       "THE STUFF I NEED TO KNOW" and is mainly about CONTACT DETAILS and your dog's           HEALTH STATUS.  At this point we will give you a likely collection time and cost for your       grooming treatment (please note that at this stage these can be ESTIMATES only).

 - You may then leave your dog and we will begin the grooming treatment we have agreed          upon .......


 - Our grooming room is a SECURE ENVIRONMENT, and your dog will be the only dog in the       salon (unless you have a "family" of dogs).

 - If you have chosen "THE FULL WORKS",  your dog will be placed in a large showerbath,        shampooed, and rinsed with warm water.  Bathing will include a ""facial" with "Nagayu" (which    includes earcleaning if necessary) and a "microbubble" mouth wash (please have a look at        the "Nagayu" and "Microbubble" pages).  

 -Your dog will then be dried initially in the bath and then on a table.  We use a combination of    towel drying and specialist high velocity dryers to rid the coat of excess water.

 - When your dog's coat is thoroughly dry and brushed through ......

 - We will STYLE your dog's coat using a combination of clippers and scissors to shape your    dog's coat as agreed at your GROOMING CONSULTATION.

 - Finally, your dog will have a "PEDIPAW" (trimming of nails and attention to pads) and we will      contact you to COLLECT YOUR DOG.


- Your dog will be thrilled to see you again.  Be sure to praise him/her for being so good!

- We will be delighted to book your next appointment for you - you can choose an   appointment time convenient to you AND benefit from our "regular customer" rewards.






The difference between a dog which is used to being professionally groomed on a regular basis and one which is only groomed once or twice a year is that the first dog will see a visit to a professional groomer as part of it's normal routine, and be relaxed about the process, whilst the second dog will find it unfamiliar and may be inclined to be "jumpy".

This can make professional grooming very difficult as it can result in longer sessions which are tiring and stressful for both dog and groomer.

It is a good idea to choose a groomer for your dog at an early age (we offer "Puppy Pampers" and FREE "Get to Know You" sessions for this purpose) so that they can become familiar with the process of professional grooming and form a bond with their groomer.