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specialist grooming service for the smaller dog t

Many factors influence the price of a groom.

  These include .....

  • The size (and weight) of your dog.
  • The "type" and condition of the coat
  • The length of time since your dog's last professional groom
  • Your dog's temperament and whether or not he/she is used to professional grooming.

...... so unfortunately it is not possible to give you an EXACT price without first meeting your dog.

However, we are happy to give you a "STARTING FROM" estimate when you make your booking.  We will  be able to give you a DEFINITE price at your GROOMING CONSULTATION, *

In the meantime, please have a look at our PRICE GUIDE for an example of our current pricing structure

* please note that sometimes during the course of a groom something comes to light which will slightly alter this price - should this happen we will contact you and let you know the revised price


price guide

Bath, Brush & Blow Dry                  £20.00 - £45.00

The "Full Works"                          £30.00 - £50.00

Nail Care (as "stand alone" service)          £ 10.00 

Puppy Pampers (no trimming)          FROM     £ 20.00

This guide is for our most popular grooming services AND for SMALL to MEDIUM SIZED DOGS only. LARGER DOGS and additional services, such as MATT RELEASE, DE-SHEDDING TREATMENTS and HANDSTRIPPING are charged at an hourly rate. ( Please see "April 2018")